Should You Sell Or Remodel?

In a tough market, just the thought of putting a home up for sale can make some homeowners hoping for a new space uneasy. Selling takes time, energy and often a good amount of money. Some people who might normally sell their home and look for a new space, whether they are expanding their family or looking for a fresh start, are now remodeling instead.

July Market Insight

If you're considering becoming a buyer in today's housing market, you're likely wondering what's happening with home prices. A primary factor driving the upward mobility of values continues to be that pesky lack of available homes for sale. A balanced market is one with about 6 months of inventory available, and this marketplace hasn’t seen numbers better than 2 months for some time.

Fun Firework Alternatives

If you’re looking to celebrate 4th of July sans fireworks, here are a few fun suggestions:

Water balloons! Yes, water balloons! Your guests (and kids) won’t complain about a lack of fireworks if they’re dousing each other in water balloons. This also goes for water guns, water slides or even running through a lawn sprinkler, a timeless fun activity that kids never grow tired of.

Fourth of July Fireworks in Colorado 2018

Summer is officially here in Colorado, and this coming week is the perfect time to celebrate! Though the Fourth of July holiday doesn't fall on a weekend this year, that's no excuse to not get your annual fill of fireworks and BBQs as we celebrate our nation's independence day! Use this guide to find your local area's fireworks schedule for this year, and, if needed, contingency plans if Mother Nature decides to interfere with the celebrations!