Herbie Goes Old Town

Having an art and design background I love seeing fun projects pop up that are creative and involve the community. "Herbie Goes Old Town" was an idea from a good friend of mine who wanted to do something fun with his old volkswagen beetle bug. He presented the idea of transforming the bug to the City of Lafayette Arts & Cultural Resources council and was presented with a grant to display the bug at the Summer's Arts Night Out's in Old Town Lafayette. "Herbie Goes Old Town" was born!

For the first Arts Night Out the volkswagen beetle was displayed in Old Town and colored and painted on by kids and members of the community. "It was a lot of fun just seeing the excitement especially by the kids getting the chance to draw and paint on a real car," said Chris, owner of the volkswagen beetle.

The grant wen't towards transforming the volkswagen beetle into a Herbie The Love Bug look alike. Famous artist George Trosley was also enlisted to create a one of a kind kid's coloring page of a volkswagen beetle.

Photo credit: Chris McGrath

Print off the below coloring page (click image for downloadable file) and have you or your kiddo color their best bug and upload it online for a chance to win a $50 Lafayette Community Gift Card! Simply snap a picture of the finished colored page and post* it to your Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #HerbieGoesOldTown. All entries submitted by 9/22/2017 will be posted on Facebook.com/mikejohnsonhomes and will be voted on by the public. Winner will be notified through their social media page.

*Under 16 ask mom & dad before posting.

Sponsors for this project include: